Do you just want to get started with IoT?

Do you also like to reach for the stars? A new IoT project doesn’t have to be a space odyssey mission or light years away. Order in the web shop today and be connected just a few days later: Get Business IoT Starter Services, our IoT rate for starters, easily online – with ready-to-use SIM cards, access to our service portal and no hidden costs. From the first SIM card, IoT Starter Services include full access to the Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) of Sunrise Business for convenient management of all IoT connections.

Our 5 IoT Starter Services in the Webshop

Choose the right profile to suit you from five different IoT Starter Services, and place your order directly here in the Webshop.


  • Fully standardized IoT data packages via 3G, 4G, 5G as well as CAT-M and NB-IoT for the most common IoT applications

  • IoT Starter Services enable mobile connectivity and simple data management at a professional level

  • IoT Starter Services simplify initial pilot projects and can be expanded to manage sophisticated and highly scalable applications

  • The services include standard functionalities. For additional features, additional options can easily be added via your personal customer consultant

The service for business customers is suitable for developers of IoT applications, such as interconnected sensors or trackers, who want to gain some initial experience of IoT projects.

IoT professionals also appreciate the wide range of options. There are no restrictions on industry or company size.

  • You can order online with very little admin directly here in our Webshop, pay monthly, and thus keep your costs under control

  • Simply choose the service that best suits you.

  • You’ll receive the order confirmation by e-mail immediately. Onboarding will take place within 5-10 working days. We will create your personal customer account on the platform. You’ll receive the access link by e-mail and can then set a secure password.

  • The activated SIM cards will be delivered by post to the address you specified and can be used immediately – no further configuration is needed.

  • Each Starter Service contains at least 50 SIM cards.

  • The SIM cards are pre-packed and sent in batches of 50 or 500 for solderable eSIM cards.

  • If, for example, you only need 10 activated SIM cards for a prototype, 50 units are already included in the Starter package, so that you can activate additional cards with the desired profiles yourself at any time via the Connectivity Management Platform.

  • If, for example, you need 70 Moon packages, you will automatically receive a batch of 100 SIM cards, 70 of which will already have been activated.

  • For solderable eSIM cards, 500 SIM cards are delivered as standard.

If your business changes, you can increase the data volume or the number of SIM cards as you wish. From the five available profiles, select the service that best suits your application directly via the Connectivity Management Platform (CMP).

The smallest Starter Service includes 50 SIM cards. After you place your first order, you can order all additional SIM cards directly online via the Connectivity Management Platform. Predefined processes ensure that delivery is quick and straightforward –  no need to sign additional contracts.

You can easily manage your IoT connections online via the Sunrise Connectivity Management Platform (CMP). For example, you can order additional SIM cards, view current costs, check the data volume you have used, or block individual cards.

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Temperature sensors

Temperature-sensitive goods, such as medical laboratory samples, blood reserves, food or other items that decrease in quality due to major temperature fluctuations or changing humidity, require cold chain monitoring. The IoT Starter Service «Comet» enables condition monitoring, which determines the indoor climate in enclosed spaces, refrigeration boxes, trucks or containers: Precisely calibrated IoT sensors measure the ambient temperature and relative humidity in real time, and issue an alert if there are any deviations. 

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Fill level measurement

The maintenance of heating systems in larger buildings can become an unpredictable cost factor due to the dependency on oil. The ideal time for an oil delivery is often missed as the oil tank level is only measured selectively and by hand. The IoT Starter Service «Moon» offers continuous, sensor-based fill level measurement and so determines the best time for a reorder. Heating oil can be purchased flexibly when the oil price is low, and reserves can be replenished early on.

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Asset tracking

Location pinpointing is a crucial factor for the success of construction site and merchandise logistics. Losses or delays often result in time-consuming and expensive replacement services. To prevent this, the IoT Starter Service «Planet» enables real-time tracking that provides information on the location of the material, so that processes can be coordinated quickly and precisely.

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Remote maintenance

Production facilities should ideally work reliably around the clock. With the IoT Starter Service «Sun», unscheduled downtime can be significantly reduced. The system performs continuous measurements to detect signs of wear and tear from constant use in advance (predictive maintenance). Thanks to remote monitoring and remote maintenance, appropriate measures can be taken at an early stage to avoid expensive maintenance work.

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