The time is ripe. The technology has been ready for a while. Are you ready too? With Sunrise, you can pull the plug on your phone system in the basement without any worries and start enjoying the advantages of our Business cloud PBX above the clouds. Without the need for a landline connection. But with the most attractive rate plans and your current phone numbers. This is the phone service of the future. All you need is three components. On your mark. Get set. Go!

On your mark: on-premise device installation

We analyze your existing infrastructure and determine the following: which phones you can continue to use; whether you need VoIP desk devices; whether computer telephony integration (CTI) is a good option for you; or whether you should use mobile phones as full extensions. Android, Apple or both. There are so many options. And you don't have to worry about the details, because we will design the very best solution for you. Plus, we will make sure that one of our certified Sunrise partners will integrate and configure your devices to meet your needs perfectly.

Get set: provide an Internet connection

You decide how you want your location to be connected over the Internet to your Business cloud PBX on our Sunrise network. We offer managed Internet access, LTE mobile network connections, and IP VPN tunnels depending on our customers' needs. But please be aware: if you select a third-party provider, we cannot vouch for the quality and availability of your landline connections. Just so you know: the required connection bandwidth depends on the number of users, the Internet services used, and the maximum number of voice channels required for simultaneous use.

Go: Use your own Business cloud PBX

The Business cloud PBX is a plug and play system. Once your infrastructure is installed, everything is ready for you, with more than 160 convenient calling features included in the basic configuration. And they can be tailored to your needs at any time. Just like your phone numbers, which we port to Sunrise from your current telecom provider – that's a given. And we can add to them if that's what you would like us to do. How does it work? The connection to the public phone network is established over flexible VolP voice channels. In the cloud. With no limits. And with the freedom to add more services.

Everything is included

  • Attractive rate plans for domestic and international calls

  • Intuitive web-based user portal for personal extension line settings

  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for MS Outlook and other TAPI solutions

  • Professional announcements and call control for the caller

  • Sending faxes in PDF format via the user portal

  • E-mail notification for voicemail

  • Audio conference rooms with PIN protection for up to 50 meeting participants

  • Mobile phone-controlled phone system features

  • Wi-Fi calling over hotspots

  • Display for your business phone number: 058, 0800, 084x